Reviews by real costumers…

Maggie C.

“RedBubble is almost too good to be true!”

I'm really bad at ordering gifts on time through online purchases, but RedBubble had my back. A week before Christmas I placed an order for two t-shirts, but as always I messed up. The shirts were coming to my house Christmas Eve, when I would be traveling away at my parent's house. Whoops. Once I realized this, I contacted RedBubble and they changed the shipping address to my parents. It worked wonderfully! 
Now that I had the gift on time for Christmas, I thought I was set. Nope, of course I ordered the wrong size! Shoot. Thinking I was out of luck, I felt bad about my gift. Again, I thought "maaaayyyyybeeee" RedBubble would have a solution. Turns out, they do. You simply submit a form with your concerns, and I had a prompt email response with instructions to follow. Beautiful.
If you mess up as often as I do, RedBubble is amazing. Thank you so much RedBubble for the supportive help!

Fernando S.


I haven't seen any reviews on phone cases so here's my opinion, I ordered a phone case that only took a week to arrive with pretty damn accurate tracking and the case came perfectly normal without any issues and it looks EXACTLY on point with what the preview looks like so stop complaining bout the quality of the shirts and get a phone case from them.

Janice F.

“Excellent service”

There was a problem with late delivery of my order (which turned out to be the fault of the postal system, not Redbubble). I raised a query with Redbubble and the response was fantastic. Very prompt, helpful no-quibble and courteous service. I'll definitely order from this site again.

Madeline M.

“Great product and customer service”

I ordered a hoodie on a Sunday night from Redbubble. They were able to get it to my house in 6 days for standard shipping. Which is really good! The design on it is very solid and won't just come out in the wash. My only qualm with it is that when it came it, it had a really strong vinegar smell for some reason? I just threw it in the wash and the smell was immediately gone, so it wasn't a problem at all. But, all in all, I would recommend this company to any one that is wanting to support the art community, and wants a generally interesting design on whatever they'd like basically!

Dlz L.

“iconic t-shirts”

The t-shirts were bought for very particular teenagers. They were very impressed by the quality of the fabric and the printing. They especially liked the unique designs I was able to get through Red Bubble.

Cassie S.

“Always great!”

I've ordered from RedBubble 2 times so far and I'll be ordering again. The quality of the shirts are great and soft!

Adela P.

“Amazing stickers!!!”

I bought stickers from The stickers are awesome. They stick very well (I have them on my suitcase). The delivery was to Czech republic and totally took about 13 working days. I ordered them in the first week of December as Christmas present. I was preying they would come on time, they were few days delayed so I wrote an e-mail to redbubble team and they were really sorry for delay and sent me another package of my stickers. My original order came 2 days after I wrote them (before Christmas), so I let them know to stop the second order. Too late, but they were so nice, that they gave me the second order all free. So I really recommend this website, has wonderful products and awesome team. LOVE IT.

Nancy S.

“Perfect customer meet service”

I really didn't like the pillow cover I recently ordered and received but customer service said "no problem" and the money was returned the same day!

Maggie M.


I ordered a Christmas present for a friend of mine. At first I was skeptical because I didn't know anybody that had ordered off of RedBubble. I just now recieved the present and it's perfect! They also added a cute little card with the purchase that made me laugh. Quality work and service with even a touch of holiday humor made for a great first experience with this site and will definitely lead to me purchasing from this site again in the future. Thank you guys for the great gift!

Taylor M.

“Amazing Customer Service”

Living on a college campus makes getting and delivering mail hectic. Rather than getting packages directly to me, they are sent to the university's mail service, where they then process packages, notify students they received mail, and take it to the pick up center.
I originally ordered a phone case and some stickers, and chose to have them shipped to me rather than my home. Despite being ordered at the same time, the packages were shipped at two separate times, but Redbubble notified me that certain items take more time to make than others, as well as having this notification listed on the page when ordering the item. They also emailed me the exact moment that the items shipped, and a tracking number for each, which were both shipped on October 30th.
Both packages got to campus super quickly, with the tracking saying that the phone case got here the 4th, and the stickers on the 6th of November.
When processing the mail though, the University's mail service lost the package containing my phone case. I at first filed a complaint through the mail service, and requested to try and find it, but received no follow up email. They also ignored my calls and acted like like it was my fault or I was lying to them when I would ask in person.
After a week of these games, I contacted RedBubble on November 11th, asking about the possibility of getting a replacement phone case sent to my home address instead. Within 15 minutes of emailing customer service about the situation, I received a reply. The person that helped me was super nice and understanding towards the situation, and promised that a replacement would be shipped out. Today I received an email saying that my package was shipped, and I could expect it by November 25th at the latest.
Due to my experience with Redbubble these past few weeks, I would recommend them. The service was quick, they keep the customer notified about everything regarding their package, from how long it takes to make it, the exact moment it's shipped, and even offer package tracking. The customer service is also super polite, quick to respond, and super understanding. Probably the happiest I have ever been with an internet shopping service that wasn't Amazon.

Andrea L.
I like that I have so many options to choose from: the graphic, the type of clothing or other item like a tote or pillow, and colors. The quality of the t-shirt was great.